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So, as I was saying, the web continued to change, the idea of the portal became almost universal as Microsoft pushed msn and internet explorer, and the search engine began to rule all. I think that now, even though the web is still at least in some sense a web, Search engines are at least as much a part, if not a much more important part of the web as links and 'webbing'.
    And yet now, (this, by the way, was the original inspiration for this rant, so pay attention!) most search engines have also become portals. Now, I'm a moderately accepting guy, but even with a T1 connection, portals can take a while to load… and they're a lot of visual information, as well. Visual information that I, most of the time, end up trying to ignore.

And so, when my happy search engine of goodness, AltaVista, suddenly became a portal too, something snapped… All of a sudden I realized how the web had changed since that day long ago when I first saw AltaVista and loved it for its simplicity. Now I see the name, some bars of color (no problem there), then several tabs, a bar on the left of options, some news at the bottom and pages more below, and a little, lonely search bar.
    And, yellow and blue don't look that great together… So I sat there, thinking about what exactly had happened, and then clicked 'advanced search' and got on with my day. I continue to use AltaVista's advanced search at least occasionally…. It's a very powerful tool. But with this change I realized that the AltaVista that I loved, the one that forever remains in my mind and heart, was dead.

And then someone pointed out to me this new search engine that was changing the way search engines worked... you guessed it, Google! It has a revolutionary new concept, gives potentially better results, and a lot of things that are interesting, but not that important to me nearly so much as the one thing I noticed when I first went by to check it out: simplicity. The name, a search line, some search tips… a couple of buttons, that's it! It was tiny, fast, and a good search engine. Everything AltaVista was… and seems to be no longer. I loved it. >>

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