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On Postmodern

On Postmodern

—[6-11-01] Postmodernism is another, now acceptable, way to avoid responsibility.

"Miami is more diverse than other places. Does that make Miami better?"
"I think it makes us more open-minded... is that better? Well, what do you... I mean... I can't answer that."
You can't expect me to answer that, she means.

A simplification and extension of postmodernism:

Holding as the only absolute moral truth of the universe that there are no other absolutes.

Many postmodernists extend this from moral absolutes to absolutes in general: "Science is one way of looking at things..."  In a way, they are right.

Most postmodernists will admit that some absolutes do exist, and try only to not hold as absolute those things that they find to be culturally determined. Some say that they do the same, yet hold some clearly moral absolutes: "Murder (or killing) is wrong," "Female circumcision should not be allowed," etc.

What, if anything, is absolute? If absolutes that dictate behavior do not exist, what then should dictate behavior within and across societies and cultures?

A conflict of thought can be found in most postmodernist's ideas:
"All cultural values are alright, bust since I believe mine, I will follow them as if they were "the right" ones."

--> One reason to follow your 'native' values is to fit into your society. What do you do, then, when you go to a new society with values that conflict with your 'native' values?

Perhaps I misunderstand. If you think I do, please tell me. I think, though, that postmodernists generally can't agree even with each other about what they are. Nice to know we're all human, isn't it?

  1. A conflict of thoughts



Think & Chew

Some links to postmodernism I've grabbed for you. I have read none of these, but may in time. Especially if you make comments about how little of this I actually understand! >>

The postmodernism page I got to most quickly, after a very short search.

Another fun page from the same search. I assume it makes you randomly more postmodern...

Florida International University's Department of Philosophy, where I assumably should be getting a better idea of what I'm talking about. Though why this is useful to you, the non-fiu student, I haven't the faintest idea.



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