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Rants & Raves

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—[9-1-00] Life has been Hell today. I've been sick, and getting sicker over the past few days. Perhaps something to do with the climate change involved in coming back to Florida- my brother has it too.
    And so, it did not help that I woke up several times in the morning, in part because of my inability to breathe and in part because Ian, by no real fault of his own, was only asleep 3 hours of the night. My morning was an exercise in pain tolerance, as my throat continually balked at the deprivation of mucus that naturally resulted from my constant, violent coughing. I would have gladly traded my throat problems for the more 'normal' symptoms of sickness.

In the afternoon, I found that my wish had been granted. My throat no longer hurt, much, but I was now afflicted with the classic runny nose problem. While I was around other people, I attempted to repress my coughing and sneezing; I couldn't very well stay home sick on the first day of class.
    At first, it was a blessing, but as the day progressed and my nose became increasingly sensitive even to the softest of tissues, I decided that I'd have gladly traded the latter half of my day for the former. You know the saying: 'Be careful what you wish forů' >>

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