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Rants & Raves

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In any case, the rest of the day, if less incredible, was certainly enjoyable despite my sickness.
    Philosophical Analysis, if I can get to the point of thinking about what my professor is speaking of rather than thinking about how the sounds he just made translate into English, promises to be exactly the meaningful and powerful inquiry into rational thought that I expected it to be.

The book I've been reading all day in preparation for the Honors Seminar tomorrow (which at the beginning of the day was not on my schedule!) has, like so many 'real' books (real as opposed to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time or Tad Williams' Otherland,) stimulated me mentally and, simply, made my day.
    It is also, I think, the reason I am writing so differently from what those of you who read only other things on my website are accustomed to.

And now, as the day winds to a close, I can revel in the good feeling that writing this has given me. And, in hopes that I won't stay up sniffling for hours, set carefully in my mind that sleep will embrace me quickly and seamlessly as I lie down in my bed, which I plan to do just now.

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For those of you who are a little worried, there was a reason that rant sounded like a LOT of other, very similar articles and docments: I've been reading way, way too many of them. Still, I just thought as long as I am in the mood to speak out for standards, I may as well add my thoughts to the list of enthusiastic articles out there.


Think & Chew

My college, unlike many, has a nice looking web page. It ain't CalTech, but it ain't bad either ;)

The book I mentioned, An Anthropologist on Mars, I have since finished and would highly recommend to anyone who doesn't mind thinking about just what it is to be human.

As you can see, my rants are headed back to the way they used to be. Hate 'em? Love 'em? Rant & Rave away! >>


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