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Rants & Raves

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As this class progressed, I felt myself born anew in the academic spirit, suddenly able to wash off two semesters of … well, if anything, a lack of effort and interest in most parts of my schooling. I also felt a definite 'rightness' to the schedule of my day.
    In the past two semesters, my classes have started early in the morning and been placed very erratically. I developed a poor, lopsided sleeping schedule and found myself often incapable of convincing myself to go to class.

Today, by contrast, has felt much more like my first semester in college, the shining light I looked back to over the past year in which I made… if not straight 'A's, something close. (For instance, in my Intro to Marine Biology class I walked away with a straight 100.) I think that I have some sort of natural rhythm of mental activity that, when I am aligned with, I do well.

While the rest of the week, and indeed the semester, will have much more to say on whether this 'rightness' exists than what I feel on this particular day, I am optimistic. >>

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