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Rants & Raves

The Journey - From Legos to Websites

The Journey

—[11-4-00] I believe it all started with legos... My history of creation, I mean. Somehow my mother, in her infinite wisdom, knew that Legos would be the perfect thing to get my creative juices flowing as a child.
    Maybe it has to do with the directness with which my mind works, and with that the need for instant, visible representation of anything I attempt to move from my mind to the world, but whatever the reason, Legos were just the way to get me, as a creator, started.

For years and years, I enjoyed putting things together in plastic brick-snap form. Sometimes I'd just let my mind wander, and see what happened. Those were usually the most beatiful things I ever made... And sometimes I'd work out a plan, think it through as far as my child's mind could and come up with something truly incredible, if lacking in raw creative beauty. And when the two combined, as they occasionally did... what person of any imagination at all would not envy a spot in the worlds I wrought?

Yeah, there was something about legos that really brought out the creator in me. I miss them. >>

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