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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

The Journey - From Legos to Websites

The Journey

Now, through the years, I had maintained a web page for various reasons... being genuinely interested in computers and the web helped provide a reason, but its main purpose was to provide a place for The Fourth World.
    Indeed, only a few years ago, this page bore that very name. Over the years, though, the page became a bit more. My music crept onto it, and some writing... eventually a bit of artwork. Eventually, these other creations of mine forced Fourth off the page and into its own realm. I didn't realize it at the time, but something was becoming more important to me.

It took a summer away from coding, with no time to focus on anything but a little machine that did nothing but web to realize it, but In the years before and partuicularly during that summer, my focus had shifted to the web as a means of creative expression.

There had been something about legos. Place a block, here, place another block just so... and there, 2 blocks. a new shape. That translated well to BASIC:

10 PRINT Hello World!"
20 END

Got you just what you'd think. As my drive to create better and better things took over, though, programming proved itself more and more complex. As coding became more and more a long-term effort resulting in an eventual product, I became unwittingly more and more drawn to a simpler and more immediate form of expression.

And, through a summer of reading A list Apart, ogling at k10k, and being blown away by Praystation and Kioken, (yes, you've seen those names before,) I set my lot in with the Web. And, as you can see, it's certainly taken me somewhere.


With the opening of this rant, I open as well a sort of archive of the history of this page. Looking through my old files, I have found various ... stages of development, and I intend to show them off here, much as I flaunted my earlier work in Fourth long ago.

With this, I hereby throw my lot in, for now at least, with the web. Looking at my past, I have realized that as focused as I tend to be, I seldom restrict that focus absolutely to any one thing. I simply choose one thing among others to devote most of that focus to. And if I always will have a pet project, what better project than the very medium with which I convey the rest of my creation?

  1. There's just something about Legos
  2. Building with Code
  3. "We Create Worlds"
  4. Back to Simplicity




Think & Chew

A few other things to think and chew upon...

Of course, it all started with Legos. Why not go visit the Lego web site? You have no idea how tempted I am every time I do...

Also notable, most of the games I so wished to emulate were found on the NES and SNES, manufactured by Nintendo, whose site I still find quite poorly designed.

And, just to show that I'm not the only one who has progressed in the past two decades: here's a site on the Apple ][e, and here's Apple's site now, where they're probably showing off a new iMac or that Titanium Powerbook G4.

And as a final link, look at the one bit of my creative life mentioned here that's not really integrated in my web page: The Fourth World. Or just click the [ j i v ] link on the left.

And, finally, since I know you're just itching to talk about this sort of thing, I'll be happy to point you over to my Forum so you can post your own thoughts and creative histories =) >>


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