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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

The Journey - From Legos to Websites

The Journey

So, over the years, Legos faded from my life and coding became more and more my focus. I made my way through such things as Number Guess, Dungeon v2.0, Arena, Artificial Stupidity, each small projects that promised and then faded.
    Through those years of learning, though, one project did not fade. This one I called The Fourth World.

This one project was to consume my life for years. As I took it from its early stages, I found myself first trying to build things such as I had seen long ago, simple things like I had seen on my Nintendo Entertainment System.
    But just as throughout my life, the gaming industry progressed, my ability as a programmer grew and I found myself soon copying more my Super Nintendo games, until not long before now I decided to simply do what I could with today's technology rather than some past ideal.

So, my life was the Fourth World. It is even today, at times... but well it should be, for I had begun to reach my goal: I was creating a world, if a limited and laughabale one. It was enough for me. >>

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