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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

The Games of Our Youth

The Future of The WebAnyone who has been to my site long enough to have explored all the various areas within it knows what that focus led to.
    The nice little guy on the right, in fact, is the current product of my years of paltry attempts at creation and a childhood focused on 'people' who look more or less like him.

I will always long for those games that existed during the shaping period of my life. Today, when 3d rules the world of entertainment, I develop a game that uses sprites. Simple, pixellated sprites. If Square released a new game that looked just like the ones they produced for the SNES, I'd gobble it up.
    They have made a permanent impression on me, these things, they have shaped me and occupied hour after hour of my younger life. Now they occupy less, directly, but activites related to them occupy more and more. Perhaps first I am defined as an artist, someone who tries to create substance in this world rather than just consuming it. After that, though, what am I?

As my life stands right now, I will soon be committed to developing games, or at the very least developing software on a computer, for a significant portion of my life.
    The future that is poised to unfold in front of me was put there by the games of my youth. They have claimed me as their own. And now, much like the child hundreds of years ago that was fascinated by the glow of molten metal, apprenticing himself as a smith and later apprenticing one of his own, I will make more. So do I perpetuate my craft- so have they created me.

  1. It starts with a dream
  2. Pixels are people too
  3. A story like any other
  4. I change, they change
  5. The craft for itself



Think & Chew

A few other things to think and chew upon...

For a look at the current state of gaming, as shown by the company that originally got me so very hooked on it, go and see square, or their american spawn, squaresoft, neither of which, incidentally, has nothing to do with my name.

You may wish to see the place where it all started (for me at least) many many years ago: Nintendo, whose site I find quite poorly designed, considering the amazing quality of most games they produce.

On the other hand, you might prefer to look at the system which took the world by storm, the Sony Playstation.

And, finally, please go have a look at firebell for some examples of people who were influenced, amazingly enough, in just about the exact same way as I was!

Or, failing all of that, you can enhance your life by discussing this article! >>


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