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Rants & Raves

The Games of Our Youth

The Future of The WebI change, they change. I grow, they grow. I remember, as a young person, being fascinated with what at the time was my impression of medieval times. The primary setting for these games was, interestingly enough, just the concept of medieval times that I was so fascinated with.
    Now, I don't know if I was interested in that nonexistent period before seeing it in video games. I do remember playing with Castle Legos at about that period, perhaps before.
    In any case, Legos have not continued to occupy my time for 10 years, or at least not the castle legos specifically. Video Games have. From the Final Fantasy series (which I have focused on far too much, but then so has my life) to Warcraft II (which I still sometimes prefer to StarCraft because of its setting) to Quake (which, despite what you may say, does count... kinda) they have kept me focused on that interest.

So, now you see me reading Robery Jordan, and even creating my own worlds in that same setting, occasionally fantasizing about living in one, or even creating one in the real realm of our existence. If I had not been introduced to games, would I still be so fixed on this concept? Probably less so, at least.
    In this way, one of many little things, video games have affected me. This, though, is not what I meant when I said that they have created me, as much as I have created the characters within them.

I have always been a creative person. Whether or not Castle Legos or Dragon Warrior came first for me, I certainly did have legos before I had an NES. I think that I had been focusing my creative energies on legos from the time I was only five or six years old, perhaps before that.
    Eventually, though, for whatever reason, I started focusing less and less on those wonderful little plastic toys and more and more on my Apple IIe, trying in my own way to create a world of my own, just like the worlds that I saw created on my game system. >>

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