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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

The Art of Believing

So, I ask myself, what am I to do? If I had an answer, I'd follow it and give it to the world, for surely we all deserve any answer that might work! If I did actually convince myself that I'd found an answer, though, I'd be among a small minority of people in the history of humanity. I'll try to find one all my life, certainly, but my hopes of getting there are more transparent than even the sky around us… mostly, I do not even hope.

Knowing what exactly the meaning of our life is, though, doesn't make much difference when we're actually living it. Most people in the world who haven't simply believed after being told what our purpose in life is have ended up living it never knowing. I suspect I will do the same.
    And honestly… every idea of how the world works I've ever encountered, from Christian to Buddhist to Atheist, comes to the conclusion that as far as you are concerned, your life is the most important part of your existence. To waste it away trying to find its real meaning does nothing but render your entire existence meaningless.

And so I will keep wondering, keep thinking, and above all keep living. As long as I remember to do so anyway! *grins* Anyway, the whole point here, if there is one, is to get you to think. Or me to think. Probably both. Because, you see, in thinking, we might get closer to an answer, and that's where I'd like to be. Unless, of course, someone reading this already has one. In which case I do hope you'll share it with me.

  1. Everything you know is wrong
  2. How to live as a fool

Now... that was the end. Really. However, a day or so after the rant, my good friend Joe Hall brought up several points that I had addressed inadequately. After a bit of thought, I responded, and now I believe the response to be every bit as important to this thought process as the original rant, and so I encourage you to check it out.

3. I was just trying to say...

Thank you, that is all.



Think & Chew

If you're not really sure what religion you are or should be, or even if you know exactly how everything works in this world and elsewhere, try out the Religion Selector. You just might be surprised...

The Church that I spent most of my growing up and religious development as a part of, Broadway Church of Christ.

Making a second appearance in the after-rant links section, SquareSoft makes games that can keep me up for hours thinking about what happens to life once it leaves this mortal coil.

And, as always, if you have somehting to say, by all means go and rant about it yourself! Vauxhal did, and it changed the face of this thing completely, why don't you try? >>


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