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Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Text Editors

Text EditorsI ramble a bit about my history with text editors and what role they've served me over the years, then talk about some new ones I'm playing with.

On Spirituality

Some quick thoughts on spirituality, posted here more to make sure I don't lose track of them than anything else.

Blogs and the Personal Internet

On Postmodern(editor's note: this is a bit less polished than usual, but I felt that it belonged here rather than at LiveJournal, where it started.)

Long ( in computer terms...) ago, I was sad when the average joe's crappy free-hosted page about squirrels and life in general met its doom. After years of blindness, I suddenly see that blogs are almost exactly the same (good) thing, despite some people's opinions to the contrary.

Almost a smile

Have I ever done this before? I'm going to talk about myself. But for once I'm not going to dance around and speak generalities. Here's tonight, served up nice and fresh. enjoy, or something.

Minirant: On Postmodern

On PostmodernWatch as john babbles aimlessly on the world's most confused philosophical concept...

The Journey - From Legos to Websites

The JourneyThe other day, I was asked how I could possibly enjoy doing all this website stuff and reading about W3C standards and the like... I realized it was a pretty dang good question and then tried to answer it. What resulted was a brief history of my creative focus over the last 15 years.

Finding the Web

Finding the Web
   - Search Engines and The Web's IdentityWhen I first found myself browsing the web, I was quickly introduced to probably the most important tool I'd ever use: The Search Engine. The one I first saw, and eventually settled on was Altavista. Now, though, I cannot bring myself to use it much anymore... What has changed since then?

A Day in the Life of a College Student

One DayAs if I was an average college student... "Life has been Hell today. I've been sick, and getting sicker over the past few days...I have some sort of natural rhythm of mental activity...sleep will embrace me quickly and seamlessly..."

The Art of Believing

Every now and then, I'm struck with just how little I know about where I stand spiritually. Every now and then, I write about it, and if I haven't had enough sleep, I'm crazy enough to publish it. But, I think that thinking about our selves spiritually is important, and hope that in reading this, I might get you to as well. >>

The Games of our Youth

The Games of our YouthLike so many other children in the last generation, I grew up playing video games. They played an integral part in creating who I am, just as I created the characters who were in them. This is a well-deserved look at the effects they had on me and those who share my past.

The Future of the Web

The Future of the Web So many browsers, so many standards, and accessibility to boot! The web is headed for a brave new world, but how fast will we get there... and is it all really worth it?

Old Rant Collection

Now that I have a new format, all my old rants had to go somewhere. Anything written before 9-july-2000 is now here, until I start naming and moving these old guys.

Honors College Things

Until I can figure out where else to put them, which will be soon, all work done for the honors college that I have chosen to make available online will be here.


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