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Welcome to the past. Living things tend to have a moody and rather unreliable memory things which happened more than a few minutes ago; Computers are (fortunately) quite different. Here you'll find, word for word and error for error, just about everything that has happened through the course of this page's life.


[9-11-06] Closed the forums so spammers wouldn't get the benefit of links off of my website. Nothing else interesting, really.


[4-2-04] Work on making a new webpage is remarkably slow. There is a new rant up. I applaud Kenny's efforts at keeping his website something like up-to-date. That is all.


[8-03-03] Ok.

I finally found it.

Few months ago... in fact, about a half a year, I drew up a plan for what was gonna happen to The Square, which as most of you who actually frequent the place know has been languishing for quite some time now. As I said above, I recently found that plan.

What comes now is me reconciling that plan with my current thoughts about this place, my web presence, my projects, and what I am willing to do for each of them. It's kinda inspiring though. So, I think I'll plant a few seeds around here, and see what grows. Enough for now...

[7-06-03] ... It's been ... HALF A YEAR SINCE I MEANT FOR THIS PLACE NOT TO EVEN EXIST, MORE OR LESS! 1/44th Of my entire life, I've meant to do something, and it sits undone. Maybe this is a sign. Anyway, here's a super-minor epiphany update. I think boxed links are cute. For the moment, anyway.

[20-02-03] I seem to have skipped a month, updatewise. That's probably not so good, but, given recent trends, it's not so bad either. I've been doing some work with my forum and its various CGI stuff recently, and can't quite convince myself to bring this place that I've built down, even in the interest of forging something new. A lack of the appropriate environment has been a part of that as well, though, and that's something I'm moving to fix. Anyway, that's all for now. Be back soon!


[10-12-02] Did you know that 12 - 10 = 02? There's gotta be some significance in that. Maybe that's why I've randomly decided to update the news today. In any case, I do have something to say.

Sometime really soon (as defined by the weird, plastic timescale of my head) there will be some very significant changes around here. I am feeling, more and more, like the current structure of my page ... only allows for certain things, and thus stifles my work on anything that doesn't fit. Question: what happened to Fourth World? Or any of my projects for that matter? Answer: they didn't fit, so now they're gone. And without the motivation provided by display, well, you all know what's happened with Fourth, at least.

So I'm gonna shake things up. In the works: thesquare ... has an unsure future. What is it, really, but my own creative outlet? Certainly not a community site, like CP and dorkcore strive to be. And so, I think I will move that wich is really just an extension of me to a more logical place: the site sharing my name! http://www.jiv.us/ already contains the beginning of this, and the decrepit jiv innovations site has been moved, logically enough, to jiv.us/innovations.

Where will The Square go in all this, then? Maybe it could become a community site, but I'm not so sure of my ability to draw such a community together, especially with two close friends competing for attention. For the moment, at least, its forum will remain in place, but that's about as much as I know about my plans there. Ideas are welcome.

And that about sums it up for this news update. Whenever 'soon' is, it's definitely after finals, and I've got one in 15 minutes... zoom!

[31-10-02] Umm... something useless like "This is me updating. New style for Halloween. This is me finishing my updating the news... Goodbye."

[26-08-02] This will not be published until, probably, the 30th, but I guess I'll date it for now. All I really have to say is that regular updates will resume as soon as you see this, (I am now, finally, living on my own again and will not be compelled by my parents to do other, in their minds more productive, things whenever I sit in front of my computer,) and that jiv innovations has moved to http://www.jiv.us/, which really is where you'd expect it to be. Various other fixes from the move should be in place as well. As stated in the Forum, I'm in Denton now and I certainly plan to incorporate my previously languishing web presence into this new chapter of my life. So... see you in a bit!

[02-08-02] It's really hard to believe it's been over a month since I did anything here. Nevertheless, here we are. I'm updating because I am now moving to http://thesquare.jiv.us/. jiv innovations will, naturally, be at http://www.jiv.us/. I'll operate both sites for a few days, with the forum either there or here, and then this (thesquare.myip.org; jiv.myip.org; etc) will probably just become a pointer to the new site. Anyway, I shall get cracking; I've only got broadband so long!

[26-06-02] You know all those promised updates? Here we are. Confusion and mild depression, as always, lead to production. Here's hoping it'll happen again soon. >>

[06-04-02] It seems the big news around here has been, more often than not, on the forum. New around here is the site statistics page. Also, there's a 'black' style now. Try it out, it's horrible. I think I'll try to put up more artwork and some ... well, not really rants ... this weekend. Wish me luck!

[28-02-02] Well, in keeping with my promise to try to put something new up before I run off to New Orleans, I give you this tour (kinda) of my car adventure! For those of you who don't know, I was in a car wreck back at the beginning of February. Rather than paying very large amounts of money to get an already very old car fixed, I ended up fixing it pretty much myself, with lots of wonderful assistance from Balu Vandor, who, incidentally, should stop lurking ;) Anyhoo, for now, That's all I can muster, so I'll go and get the 3 hours of sleep remaining in the night before having to get up and do Japanese. See you all soon!

[25-02-02] I've missed my most recent target date, 20-02-2002, by about five days. But this date, it looks good too. I rather like it. Which is good, since it's a day to remember. For me, at the least. Today I came back.

Since no one's been here for most of a year, allow me to reintroduce you all to this place briefly. This is The Square. One of a several thousand personal shrines off the side of the Information Superhighway. Here, you can find out things about me: mostly, what I think, and what I create. Maybe you can also find out about you, too--it's not outside the realm of possibility. This page is about me, and it's about the people around me. The two, I think, are really inseparable.

And now, after about a year of stagnation, it's back. I hope you like it!

[6-02-02] You're early. (obviously.) But I don't mind. Heads up: site style changes hour, on the hour. Hold Control (Command, mac) and hit refresh. Be aware, there are still a few more things to be done... they will be, but life is slowing me down just now. Explanations later to all who ask.


[6-11-01] I have much schoolwork to do. Much schoolwork which I have not been doing. On consulting my memories of the past, I've found that being productive on my web page often leads to productivity on the academic front. So....
Begin Page Mini-Blitz!

You can see the first victims in the rants section.

[26-10-01] Too long. There are those of you out there who thought that this day might never come, I am sure. I wasn't even sure it would come, until tonight it did. but look, it is here! And here, with it, am I.
    The Square comes back (sort of) to the Web today. After weeks of attempts to serve it from my computer, as I have in the past, and idle fantasies of professional hosting, I have given up and gone back to sponsored hosting. That is, after all, how it all started...
    For the time being, at least, you needn't worry too much about ads interfering with the page, though. After a bit of code-wrangling, I've gained control over Tripod's sponsorship ads, and moved them somewhere out of the way until I can figure out what to do with them. In the meantime, enjoy a temporarily ad-free Square.
    One last thing: I will be gone this weekend for "Cellobration", a small music festival involving gads and gads of Cellos. As a Cellist, I plan to have a lot of fun, play till my fingers fall off, and then come back and finish putting up my page with my toes ^_~
    Until then...

[26-1-01] Took me just about forever, but you know that Finding The Web rant that's been sitting there, 'in progress', for a couple of months? Go enjoy reading one of the best (at parts anyway) and most rantlike rant I've ever ranted! Also, as to the NASA photos, currently it looks like they'll be under 'Artwork' ... but if you disagree, head on over to the forum and let me know!

[20-1-01] Been a short while, but here I am, back again! What's new? You can now find 2 new rants in the appropriate area, showing some random musings on both my spiritual life and my academic life. If listening to me think to myself isn't your cup of tea, though, wait a bit longer and you will see me post pictures from my trip to Kennedy Space Center on the way back to Miami. You know, 'tomorrow' is a relative term... ^_^

[3-1-01] Happy New Year everyone! Just got back from my long trip from Austin back to Miami, and I'm quite tired, but I thought I'd let you know! The Square is now back up at http://jiv.myip.org/ and the REAL forum is of course once again available. I'll be leaving the XOOM site up for a short while longer at least... and... that's about it for now! Much, much more tomorrow. Good Night!


[13-12-00] Hey WOW! I'm now running Windows 2000 Server. Hopefully FIU won't kill me... lord knows they've got enough reason to ;) Anyway, in the near future you'll see no more 'too many users!' errors, those of you that got them, and also probably jiv ftp and news servers. Gotta get it all set up... woo. Anyway, I must go now. I'll get the Forum working again as soon as I can. Bye!

[15-11-00] I hereby declare this week to be Final Fantasy Appreciation Week! Joe tells me that Final Fantasy IX comes out tomorrow, and in honor, I'm posting two new pieces of artwork, both of which show heavy influence from Square's past and current character designer, Yoshitaka Amano.
    When i was young, the games released under the title 'Final Fantasy' shaped me like no other video game ever could hope to. Amano's artwork for Final Fantasy VI (III in the US) first inspired me to try my hand at drawing, and still influences me every time I take a pencil to paper. The two drawings I am publishing today show this influence more than any other you could see.
    Anyway, for those of you with inquisitive minds, please head over to SquareSoft and look at their latest masterpieces, or go by RPGamer and have a look at Amano's artwork from FF VI. And then, should you choose, head over to my artwork section and see what awaits. >>

[6-11-00] And this morning at 9:00 officially we see the end of the 'Special Halloween Extravaganza!' and find my page back to its normal, 'antiseptic' look. (Thanks, Perrin). Hopefully now I'll stop scaring off the Forum contributors and we can get back down to business. Othernews: I found my pen and pencil today and have recommitted myself to school, so I'll have lots of time in which I suspect I'll end up doing silly doodling. perhaps I'll show you some. >>

[1-11-00] Surprised? Heh heh heh.... In classic McCormick lateness, I decide to celebrate halloween for a few days... exactly one day after halloween ends! if you don't like how things look... live with it, they'll be back to normal in a short while. Meantime, enjoy my experiment in stylesheet stuff, and enjoy the almost spooky inverse music dragon.

[28-10-00] Alrighty! In about 48 hours or so, I managed to get the whole site done. I don't doubt that most of you didn't even notice that I had started, and now I'm done. Woo :) What an ordeal. Anyway, try clicking the button-thing in the upper left corner and enjoy! >>

[26-10-00] So, you complain that the last update was minor? Well... ha! This update isn't minor... it's useless! Ha-ha! So... What is it, you ask? Well, a few days back, you may have noticed a little title-bar thingie appear in the upper left. Then it disappeared. And now, it's coming back, now with its own plan for world domination! You should see it already on this page and soon on all the others in the site, probably last on the forum.
    And so...actually... it's not bent on world domination. (surprised? ... aww.... ) But now, apart from declaring to the world in 3x3pixel letters that this is The Square, it also will allow you to collapse and expand the navigation, head-image, and music dragon on any page, yielding almost 100% of the browser window to the important stuff!
    So... like I said, it's useless. But a few people may enjoy clicking or whatever. Or, if you're running at LESS than 800x600, you might actually find it useful! And the image should stop overlapping the dragon in small windows too. Which is nice.. running at 1024x768, I find my browser windows are far less often full screen and much more often pretty tiny now. It's fun. And that's why that thing exists. Anyway, I'm done rambling now. Enjoy collapsing the page!

[23-10-00] Alright folks... here's a minor update if ever you saw one, but that's alright. I do not know if any of you have spent time looking at the honors area hiding at the bottom of the rants page, but it has been containing, more or less, all my various essays and writings for my honors college class this year, as well as one project from last year.
    Now, in addition to the various essays and other boring stuff, it has my project for this year. It is silly, poorly written, and small. You should go read it ^_^. So, without stalling any further, go read it! >>

[10-10-00] Well, The Square is back up! it was being given, as far as I can tell, an IP that doesn't work. So, I told it to manhandle the ethernet connection and grab 2 IP addresses and NOT use DHCP (which we're supposed to) and told it manually where it WAS going to locate the gateway server whether it liked it or not. I know this makes exactly as much sense to some bleegle no fam tish gropner. Phlak.
    What it all means, anyway, is that here we are again, and here we stay again! I very much expect this all to work until, oh, december. And I hope that the transition (to jiv.com or squarefool.com, hopefully!) will not end up with any 404s on your end.
    Page updates are currently nonexistent, though there are some things that need to be put here that simply haven't. I do, however, really have my forum back! good, good, good thing that. I hope you all enjoy making use of it. If you have nothing better to do, go read some thoughts on free will and do a little more positive ranting. >>

[2-10-00] Oof. That's all I have to say. Oof.
    You see, FIU seems to have decided that I shouldn't be allowed to access anything outside FIU. Maybe because I'm not correctly configured. Maybe because they think I'm evil. Maybe because they are evil. Who knows.
    The end result, though, is that my page ain't where it ought to be. It's here instead. The other end result is that it's harder to update. Not that I was updating bunches to begin with, but now it's quite difficult. But good practice. Anyway, here I am again, happy to see you. Let's try to make the best of this... inconvenience ;)

[17-9-00] Much news, my friends! As you can see, my site is back up, after its long rest while we waited on our ethernet splitter. Unfortunately, we still don't have that splitter.... Even so, I have stolen the ethernet cable for another few days. And if we don't have the splitter by then? Well, I'll have a reasonable excuse to go buy a hub!     Anyway, as I said, my site once again is here. While it was gone, I decided to make a few changes- As you can see, my home on the web now has an entry page. I'm sure usability experts around the world will start gathering materials for a stake-burning now, but for me, bandwidth-sucking as it may be, it has its uses. Among them, proclaiming this page's new and final title!
    Welcome again, everyone, to The Square. Looking around further, you will find some new music, which you may listen to immediately if you have the modplug plug-in. You also should find a bit of new artwork (though it isn't good) and notice that I've started putting some of my more interesting essays written for school in my rants section, where I suppose they sort of fit in. I also plan on slowly retro-fitting all of my old rants into the new format, perhaps sans images, but to be done either way. And, of course, the Forum is back up for your enjoyment and comments. I look forward to seeing you! >>

[5-9-00] On a random impulse, or perhaps a not so random one, I finally scanned and put up my one notable piece of artwork for the summer. If you find John the artist to be someone worthy of your attention, go have a look at the artwork section, which got at least a little bit of much-needed attention. >>

[4-9-00] Well, after a week of school, I'm thinking it looks to be a good year coming. Since I'm in such a great mood as a result, I've finished and published the Games rant! Also, a few days ago the forum moved, and is now onsite here at the square (my computer). Over the next few days I'll try to find my sketchbook again and perhaps scan in some recent doodles of mine. In the meantime, go read my rant, so I don't feel useless ^_^ . >>

[25-8-00] So, here I am at the dorm again... school life starts anew, and so, I suppose, should much of mine. Given that, here is my next kenny-foiling attempt! New are several things, perhaps including a new web address. Please check that, someone, and tell me. I appreciate it.
      Also new, as you may have noticed, is the thoughts panel on your right. At the moment, I'm working on making it work correctly, but for the moment, you get as is. In the future, I may even be able to let other special people post to it. We'll see how that works. In any case, it's better than the 'thought of the day' thing. It still probably requires msie or some other standards compliant browser to see right, but hey, there it is. Much better system.
      Also, as many of you have no doubt noticed, my friend and semi-rival Kenny Ketner's Page is having problems with its message board. Seeing as I'm the one who usually has message board problems, I feel pretty good right now, although I am very, very sorry that his board isn't working. Especially since it makes it impossible for me to catch up on things, which I can now do, being properly connected and all. Anyway, you are all welcome to use my board in the interim, and maybe even stay a while even after kenny's is fixed! >>

[21-7-00] Go have a look at the Message Board... I got so tired of posting on it, I actually decided to work on it instead! It boasts some small, but important interface changes including more space between lines, even more space between threads, and at some point later today, easy to pick out colors for posts you haven't yet read. Please, my friends, go and have a look! I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised.

[20-7-00] After about a week of Message Board posting and constant little bits of work on the page when I'm not running test cases at work, I am proud to report that most of the problems in the original update have been pretty much corrected or at least worked around. There are still a few, but I'm getting there. I really appreciate you patience, guys! In the meantime, just to point you along your way, I'll recommend the ... um ... the artwork section! Yeah. All its images have alt text now, so if anyone is using Lynx or something, it should at least make some sense ;) Anyway, if you've got nothing better to do, get your butts down there! >>

[7-7-00] Here, now, presented for your very own special viewing pleasure, (or, at least, once you get through all these silly commas,) finally, the updated Mind's Eye!
      What you see is a semi-major redesign which should hopefully make the site a bit easier to navigate, more engaging, and just overall nicer due to a wee few nifty effects. What you do not see is an underlayer of code which is now in a transitional state between the web technologies of the past (font tags, in-html formatting, and the like) and the new web technologies (css, the w3c dom, 'well-formed' html) which will, in the future, make a web author's life much easier.
      Hopefully, this will make the page look the same, or probably a little better. Unfortunately, if you are using an older browser, it will look probably worse. Which, my web-savvy cats, is the topic of my newest rant. >>

[3-2-00] Boo! I'm back everybody... Hope no one minds ;) ... And ... Sorry I haven't changed the music. I haven't finished writing anything new in a while. finished, mind you. Well, it seems I have been quite wrapped up in trying to get a handle on things schoolwise. Still am, really, but i'll at least make an attempt to keep things happening here in cyberspace. ... always hated that word. The internet is no more than people.. nothing cyber or space about it. Ok... that's a blatant lie, but still. Want more? Go read rants! And... in closing... um... bye!


[late 1999] Oops! I killed my christmastime news.. I'm sad. I would get it from a backup but I fogot to back that particular date up... me=sad... Oh well. All it said was my page is going down for the holidays so go by the xoom site instead.

[17-11-99] And now, young friends, I have finally found a scanner. Yipeee!!!! So, my art section just well over doubled in size. Go look if you are the art-interested type. It has some neat maps for Fourth World if nothing else. You should go! ok, I tired of doing this now (I updated art first) so I will quit. You go look art now! And go look rants if you have not. Enough. Bye now ^_^

[14-11-99] No! Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead. In fact, I am alive and well, or at least not too sick. Sore throat/cold thing does get the best of us sometimes.... Anyway, I have some changes to report, including being now mirrored on my own web server (yay!), a new and very intriguing rant, a shameless plug to past on my Forum, and even more of that sans-serif font goodness. Plus these strange colors that keep popping up. Whatever. ^_^

[25-10-1999] This be the first day of my new experiment in running my own web server. Yes, that's right, folks, this is running on my own server. Not xoom, not anyone but me. I didn't think I'd ever have a use for this, but just copying and moving files instead of uploading them is truly ... freeing. Anyway, I have used this as an opportunity to fix some of my old mistakes that were held in place by xoom and the inconvenience of changing things on a remote server. Anyway, next update much sooner now, I think. In the meantime, marvel at my ambition and power! Muwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

[30-9-1999] Well, first and last of the month on the news page. How interesting. Anyway, this time I really did it. If the last update was bad in totally redoing my navigation bar, this one is the last straw: I changed the entire page's Font settings! But hey, I should have a long time ago. I far prefer Sans Serif fonts anyway. Apart from that, ... Rants, ... eh. Don't worry, I didn't abandon my RPG- it's just kinda on a temporary hold while I recover from a burn out.

[1-9-1999] Welcome! Several things of note: Beta 9 is out, please download it and meet me and some of my friends witin it! The Message Board (Forum) is operational and just itching to be used. Leave your mark today! There's another rant up for those of you that have interest in my mental strangenesses. Looking to the future, It looks like Beta 10 will quite possibly actually be a full-fledged Demo, and coincide with a major page update including some nice Javascript stuff to help things generally move along more nicely. Anyway, that's it for now. See ya!

[24-9-1999] My my. I managed to forget about this page for a while. Well, over the past month I released Beta 9 of Fourth, finally got my message board to work, dismantled it, remantled it, got it exactly how I wanted it, and just today cut my navigation bar in half. Quite busy these last 3 days, actually. Who knows, maybe it'll stay that way? Now wouldn't that be great? Then again, think about it for a second. Nah..... It'll never happen. ^_~

[22-8-1999] Ok, this is just a page update and personal update. You'll notice the art page, which was randomly misplaced, is now back in action and updated, kinda! Also, I finally have my message board working, permanently. Barring any further nonsense from prohosting that is. (Nothing against prohosting, they rock, I highly recommend them!) On the personal front, I'm all moved from Lubbock and Austin TX to Miami FL. Now, I'm living in a dorm, starting classes on the 23rd, and about to enter the first phase of my college life. Wish me luck!

[2-8-99] Well, I updated Fourth today, just a little change pagewise, but the main engine is finally releasable in the new version. Yay. In about two weeks, I'll be leaving to get settled in Miami, FL for college. I'll be a freshman at Florida International University, so we'll see just how this affects my coding habits. Anyway, by all means check stuff, I update this for a reason!

[14-7-99] So- first update in way too long in my opinion. I really think that this is beginning to be a problem with me, but then again, I've been kinda busy, graduating, orientating, mapping out college, getting scholarships..... you know the routine. Anyway, lotsa stuff, mainly new rants, new links, revamped music section soon, (including a special feature on Ronin's CD,) and a fixed 4th section including the older version of the game as well as the one currently under development.

[19-3-99] Okay, Here it is: Recoded 4th is up and coming, and I thought I had enough done to give y'all a sneak peek, so to speak. You may now thwack me for that last sentence. Thank you. Anyway, this is the big update you might've been waiting for, and I have time to keep stuff going now. I'll be brief, but basically, I redid anything outdated on the page and added to the 4th section. And put up a new rant. and no, the message board doesn't work, it stopped working mysteriously and now it's just ... I don't know. If you'd like to help, please contact me. Anyway, have a look around, you'll enjoy it maybe.

[6-1-99] I know I'm a little late, but here ya go: Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and may all your days be merry and bright! I have had an excellent holiday, and now that I am back in school, I'm back to work on many of my projects. My friend Zapp and I are still planning on putting out a CD soon, and I have started completely recoding The Fourth World RPG. The result? Don't expect any substantial releases for quite a while, but I think this will in many ways blow away, at least from a coding standpoint, any of my releases so far. Read more about it in the 4th section, if you want. Anyway, Have fun, have a good year, and above all, Smile!


[19-12-98] Hey-hey! Welcome once again to my domain. I know my last two news posts were exceedingly long, so here we go, short and simple: Beta 6 of Fourth is out! This one's a very finished product, giving even a real hint of storyline- the scenes in this WILL be in the final game. It's not everything I promised, quite, but... my RPG's getting some major changes now that it's out, so I wanted to go ahead and post it before I started. Apart from that, just note that some new music is featured in the beta, and Message board continues to be working. Yay.

[12-12-98] Okay, here we go. I've updated a few things for a while now without saying anything about it: The Message Board is COMPLETELY UP. Please use it as much as you want, or I will get bored and post on it way too much. I already have. As far as my RPG goes, I'm done with item buying, selling, and arranging completely. You can equip armor AND weapons, but not from the main menu (working on that). You can save and load games, but if you try to load from a game saved in which the person had any items, it freaks out and dies. I'll fix that one too! ;) Storyline is coming, and coming, and coming. Expect it to start working its way in release by release from now on... I'll be putting in items in exactly the order that you can get them in the game, which will be convenient.... Anyway, one last thing: I've been doing a lot of work on my unfinished music themes. You're hearing one of them now. I'll post another soon, and that silly (but feeling) LesTris Pure theme will finally be retired... Tell me what you think- longer load time=better music? (If you HAVEN'T by some chance gotten the ModPlug plugin, please please please do! It's at www.castlex.com and WELL worth the download, especially if you go by my page ever again. Blah, blah, blah. I've about typed your screen out now, so I'll shut up. Smile!

[5-12-98] Well, let's see- I am finally done with Academic Decathlon Hell Week part I! I ended up scoring very well, so I guess it was worth it, but I got not too much work done here... I fully expect a lot more work over this weekend and come this week. I have high hopes, and I'll have at least a temporary message board up most likely tomorrow. No new 4th, but some basic page changes, (new Contact section, organizing stuff.) Look for a good bit of new music and a 4th beta this week, with many more happy item related things: mainly, they will be usable, equippable, and arrangable. and you can sell them. that's always good. Buying works better too. Lotsa nice item things. Maybe the start of some storyline... who knows. Anyway, have fun!

[29-11-98] Hello once again, everyone... Today's the big day: I finally release the new, Item-happy Fourth World! With regard to my staying up till 5:00AM this morning to finish it, I have made several decisions regarding the project- read all about them in the 4th section. Not to neglect my other sections, of course! The Message Board is still not up, but I have it nice and well set up for the instant Prohosting contacts me. Musicwise, there is a new mod, kinda, but it's not really done, (maybe) so you can only hear it by talking to the piano player in the pub in the new 4th Beta. As to the other sections, I'll pass them up for now, but expect rants and raves with more frequency now. And send me nasty e-mails if I don't post them very often. And have fun. Visit Firebell. Post messages. BOO!

[23-11-98] Item by item: One (1) - No message board, I am still waiting on my new server to set up the CGI account. Two (2) - No new 4th World Availiable, but just to prove that I HAVE been working on, it, Three (3) I Put up some screenshots and did some general revision of the Fourth World Section of my page! Go have a look.

[16-11-98] Well- More page updates woo woo woo! Kinda small one, but I can write a news section again, neh? Well, no new 4th just yet, no Message Board just yet, but all are (theoretically) close to happening. and expect quite a few new mods out soon, if you care about that kinda stuff. Soon I will abolish a lot of stuff, change some looks. If you think I should have my page look different, tell me please! SquareFoo@hotmail.com! Talk to me! ... phew...

[6-11-98] Well, it's now in the cold month of November, and My page is still under at least a little construction. 4thWorld has sat untouched a while, mostly a result of Band, Orchestra All Region, and Academic Decathlon. And Tekken 3. Anyway, look forward to a message board very very soon, as I am working hard on it. Yes, I know I have a section for it which at first appears to be functional, but it is in fact not just quite yet. But it will be soon! Just you wait!

[20-10-98] Hey-hey! New stuff yet again! Now here are the two collaboration mods of my composing friend Zapp and I. The first is silly, but worth a download, while the second is downright powerful! These are a must have: If you were going directly to the 4th page, postpone your trip- They are certainly worth it. Also, of course, the obligatory 4th World reminder. Check out the section, it's brand spankin' new. Having fun yet? I certainly am.



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