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Looking for a place to start? In search of something new? Perhaps the news section is a good place to begin.

I try to keep any changes to the page logged here, and occasionally throw in background noise from my "real" life. Just following links as they pop up here will give a decent tour of the site, as well as some insight into the workings of my mind. Another good place to find current information is the Forum, which you're also welcome to visit.

2011 - September News

[9-20-11] Not really sure if I should keep this site as an active piece of my life, but assuming I do, here's a small update: I found some text editors the other day that are sufficiently interesting that I decided I wanted to keep them and maybe let others know. That's all for now?

2009 - October News

[10-28-09] Thinking about adding a portfolio section to the site, but I'm not really seeking employment. Hmm, hmm.... Also, I should be applying for the JET program soon! But I should post that to FaceBook or Twitter rather than here, I suppose. Anyway, update. Ha.

2009 - June News

[8-6-09] Added a mini-rant on spirituality. Got a Palm Pre a couple of days ago! That is all.

2006 - November News


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