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[13-7-00] With the move to xoom, the mp3 files are no longer available. As it turns out, xoom won't allow mp3 files of any sort, even if a composer is trying to showcase his or her own work. As a result, you will have to download the .zip files and unzip them before playing them. Enjoy!

Title Author Title Author
Track 1 - Oasis [mp3] Collaboration Track 15 - (Overworld) [mp3] John
Track 2 - Groove Back [mp3] Kenny Track 16 - A Place to Rest [mp3] John
Track 3 - Night Rain [mp3] Kenny Track 17 - To Rise Once More [mp3] John
Track 4 - Jammin [mp3] Collaboration Track 18 - (Boss Music) [mp3] John
Track 5 - Sonar [mp3] Kenny Track 19 - Lament [mp3] John
Track 6 - Crystal Tides [mp3] John Track 20 - Assassin [mp3] Kenny
Track 7 - Devotion [mp3] Collaboration Track 21 - Drawn Astray [mp3] John
Track 8 - 26k Chip [mp3] Collaboration Track 22 - No Dice [mp3] Kenny
Track 9 - SWAb [mp3] John Track 23 - Traveller's Song [mp3] John
Track 10 - Where's Your Girl? [mp3] Collaboration Track 24 - Holy [mp3] Kenny
Track 11 - Voodoo Birthday [mp3] Kenny Track 25 - Industry [mp3] Kenny
Track 12 - Voodoo Anniversary [mp3] Kenny Track 26 - Oldschool [mp3] Kenny
Track 13 - Wizards & Warriors [mp3] Collaboration Track 27 - Pure [mp3] John

All songs (c) John McCormick, Kenny Ketner, or both. File format is .xm, which can be played with ModPlug.

Tracks 1-13 : Presenting Ronin
Tracks 15-23 : From The Fourth World
Tracks 24-27 : Composed for LesTris
Track 14 is available only on the CD, so BUY YOURS TODAY! :)


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