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Click on any of the "Listen" buttons to listen to a piece, or click on the Title if you wish to download it. These are .mod and .xm files which have been compressed into .zip archives. You will need an unzipper and a player to play these files. Enjoy!

Listen! Title Comments
FF Tactics: Creeps A transcription from Final Fantasy Tactics (I really like this series). I believe this is called 'Creeps' on the CD, but I don't own it. I love the music in tactics... sounds as close to a real orchestra as I've EVER heard in a video game. I wish I could do it justice.
FFVIII: Find Your Way Another Final Fantasy VIII transcription, this was one of my favorites from the game. As always, done entirely by ear and as accurate as possible. Enjoy.
FFVIII: Heresy This is a transcription of some music from Square's most recent masterpiece, Final Fantasy VIII. I started this thinking "Oooh, easy organ piece!" I was corrected quite cruelly. You'd better like it!
Crystalis: World The World music from Crystalis. I really liked it in my youth, though transcribing it was he... hard. very hard. The rhythms are very interesting, to say the least.
Crystalis: Town A transcription for you! This is from one of my favorite NES games, Crystalis. Most towns in the game have this music. Enjoy some old 8-bit goodness :)
Carradan Mountains This is one of my best recent pieces. Go to Artwork and see the mountain range in The Old World - these are them. Exactly the feel that I wanted! Yay ^_^
Deep Flame I wrote this piece for the jiv innovations theme of Guardian Soft's most recent project: The Tetris Master. One night of true inspiration... enjoy.
Wrecking Crew Transcription from one of my old NES favorites also done for Guardian Soft's Tetris Master game.
Wing Commander: Armada Yet another transcription, this one from one an entirely different kind of game...


"Old" (not yet updated) Current Music

Title Format Comments
Piano theme in b minor MIDI File My very first Midi!
Piano theme in b minor Fasttracker XM The above in .mod format, by request
The Cycle Song Mod File Special Thanks to Rodney Farrar
FFT: Formation Fasttracker XM Final Fantasy Tactics Formation music
FFT: Map Fasttracker XM Final Fantasy Tactics Map music
FFT: Memory Fasttracker XM Final Fantasy Tactics Memory music


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