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This little section was created for those wondering about my car... keep in mind that the first pictures were taken specifically to help ascertain the condition of various bits in hopes to figure out repair costs/options. So if you don't feel like I'm giving you a comprehensive idea of the damage... well, I'm not.

Of course, depending on your reasons for being here, that might or might not matter. In any case, the pictures are below, taken a week after the accident. um ... enjoy?



A shot down the front of the car, where the damage is all visible. As you can see, the bumper bumped, and so did the front of the car. Then the bumper, as it was designed to do, unbumped. The front of the car was not so lucky.

Amazingly enough, all four headlights and the entire right-hand turn signal assembly are alright. Further inspection has shown that the metal headlight-holding assemblies are still usable as well, though all the plastic up front is obviously no good.

Behind the Bumper

Two shots, showing what I believe is a bent frame part that would ordinarily parallel the bumber at its center? The first is a head-on picture, and shows where this piece of metal is in relation to the rest of the car. The second shows the bent-ness of it a bit better. I believe ordinarily, it would run along the same straight diagonal shown by the corrugated cooling-thing it is pressed up against.

The Hood

I've wondered long and hard about the hood. To me, and anyone else I ask, it looks as if it could be bent back into shape and used without qualms, as long as the lock functions. The mechanic I've talked to, who hasn't seen it in person, is very skeptical. A couple of shots show the angle and lack of creasing. Another, from the side, shows the angle more precisely.

The Engine

Just for grins, I took a shot of the engine. As far as I can tell, it is running fine, though the fan is scraping a little against the now relocated fan hood, which in my mom's 240 wagon doesn't cover it entirely. Anyway, all components are present and unbroken... some are just in the wrong place.


My Car, sans Front

Taking apart my car was a really unique and wonderful experience. The moment where you realize that it's not all magic and is actually designed to be understood.... it's something I've only felt one other time in my life: when I took apart my first computer! So, here is my car with all its damaged bits taken off, to make way for the new ones. And while I was taking it all apart, I figured I'd clean it up a bit, so I also got details of the left and right sides. Ain't they purty? ^_^

Parts & Pieces

Of course while you're working you have to put stuff somewhere, so why not use the side of your car, as long as it's not moving? Here's the new center ... umm... fender? Unfortunately, it wasn't my color, but teal isn't bad with white, so I'm ok. The round discs are the Horn! The color difference is more obvious when looking at the new and old cover plates. I promise, my old white one is more bent than it looks there. And here is my broken front-plastic/chrome. Yupyup... all bent up and broken and nasty. I guess wrecks do that to plastic stuff.

Method to the Madness

So as not to get lost when taking all this apart and putting it together again, I used little drawings to keep track of where everything went. I thought you might find it interesting, so... here it is!


No pictures just yet, but they're coming soon! What you get to see:

Anyway, I do hope you've enjoyed your tour, and hope that you come back again soon!


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