Who Am I?

 5 September 2000 


I am, above all other things, a person—sentient being, perhaps—who wishes to have been, or to have the ability to be someone else. Seeing a college course with the subtitle “Inhabiting other lives”, I wonder if I am alone in this desire. Perhaps that is to be conscious or sentient: to notice that you are distinct, different from everything and everyone around you, and then to be filled with wonder at those others that you are not. That, at least sometimes, is who I am. Perhaps it is who we are— but enough on that.

I am an artist—one who tries to create in a world where most seem to simply consume what already has been created. I try, in my life, to add to the world, or at least change it. In that respect, at least, I am different from many. Or so I think.

Beyond that, I am a human being, like the rest of us, ever shaped by the past of our race, whatever it may be. We are equipped, as Wilson states, to survive rather than to know ourselves— as a result, I do not. I can, however, look at myself and others, and I can guess. In doing so, I create myself, and so I think do we all. That is who we are.


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