A Few Notes on War....

Hello everyone...

Unfortunately, I found that doing the putting up this music thing like I had hoped to didn't work out because my hard drive is too full- So, I will be happy to offer these music-listening alternatives:

This piece was written in two parts... The first part, in its original form, is very large (and quite unfinished— but that's beside the point...) and as such I can only offer as an mp3 file. The second part is much smaller in its original form, but I will galdly offer as an mp3 as well. Take your pick, have fun, whatever.

On some further reflection of what these pieces may mean to me, there is now a short text to go along with them. Please view it here, in a seperate window.


Players (you may or may not need):

.mp3 player
http://www.winamp.com/ http://www.sonique.com/

.xm player
http://www.winamp.com/ http://www.modplug.com/

note: While winamp (and sonique, for that matter) will play .xm files, they were not designed to play them and occasionally make mistakes. As a musician, I prefer my pieces to be heard as I hear them: Get ModPlug!

If, perchance, you have a Macintosh, then you rock, but finding a player could be difficult. I believe QuickTime 4 will play .mp3 files, but for .xm you are pretty much on your own. My apologies...


The music (only a little broken):

First Part:

- - [[ war-1.mp3 ] 1534 KB 1.49MB

Second Part:

589 KB 0.57MB
4232 KB 4.12MB

Note: If clicking war-2.xm gives you gibberish, right-click it and choose "Save link as..." (netscape) or "Save Target As..." (internet explorer) and choose a location to save the file.

My Recommendation: Get war-2.xm, and if you have the time, war-1.mp3



Useless Ranting (about these pieces):

My music, in general, is the sort that either comes all out in one madly driven night, composing from dusk to dawn and then some; or, sometimes, a piece takes weeks or even months to write as I constantly play with ideas and eventually find some form of perfection. ...

This piece, as you might guess, is one of the latter type, and as such is ... not something I could finish in a couple of weeks. For a short history of the writing of this piece and why the two parts sound so different, e-mail SquareFool@hotmail.com.


In some form of closing .... If you managed to find your way here, you probably have seen at least a glimpse of my web page. Feel free to check it out— while pretty much none of its content is about War, you may find it interesting and can certainly find some of the themes in this piece in my other music, and perhaps even my other artistic activities. All that said, please enjoy the music and have a very nice day!


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