Born of the Ones and Zeroes

Computers as an example of Consilience


Consilience, according to an old coot of a scientist that has decided to loose his idea of the term upon the world at large, means literally a 'jumping together' where entirely seperate methods of seeking the truth of the world arrive at the same conclusion. Quite a noble idea, this consilience, something we certainly would seek, would hope to find, hearing just that.
     E.O. Wilson, however, is not interested in noble ideas. He has spent his entire life dealing in cold, hard facts. And so, rather than leaving the word at that quite broad, very acceptable definition, he goes on to attach an entire worldview which he thinks that we should all share.
    Consilience, to those who have heard him talk about it, is not so much a 'jumping together' of truths as an idea that all of these truths are destined to do just that, simply because there is only one truth in the universe. As scary as that thought is to many people in our current world, he may just be right... >>